Fév 2018



Mahmoud – Animation d’un chantier en centre pour demandeur d’asile

2 semaines

When I was living in the center of refugees, I meet JAVVA group in 9/2015 and I really liked the job they do and why they came to the center. Since that time, I asked about volunteering job and I searched in the internet and I found the workcamp in Nonceveux so I decided to do it in Nonceceux next year. I was volunteer from red cross because I did not know how can I contact JAVVA so I asked the red cross to let me participate in this project and they accepted and let me be part of it.

I guess I had one problem in the first workcamp I did in October 2016, as I was volunteer form red cross not from JAVVA exactly so the red cross center didn’t really allow to me to sleep in the center so I had to go and back for the first 2 days of the workcamp but then the problem solved and I could sleep in the same room with the team. As I can speak English, it was easy for me to involve myself in the team and talk with them easily and really the team was very open minded and accept me immediately and since the first day, we became friends and till now we keep in touch. The reason why I decided to do volunteering job that because it helps me to feel less stress and more comfortable and control my new life better. Also to know more about other cultures and share my culture with other volunteers. And for me to help people is the greatest thing you can do in life.  »